Dark Fantasy with strong female lead is my forte! Oh, and I’m a gamer. How about you?

Looking for strong female characters in medieval fantasy settings? You’ve come to the right place! Check out the Books tab! Cursed and MECHA are unfinished, and they deviate from the genre. The Era Series itself is, however, dark fantasy in a medieval setting with strong female leads!


The Era Series offers a ton of action, warring, swords and magic, parallel worlds, and old gods! Written for young adult readers, so the narrative is fast-paced and light-to-read. Although the story is grim, there is comedy in each book, maybe even romance here and there. The main focus is on the action, however.

This website is also for Dark Fantasy talk, so I’ll be featuring all kinds of DF here. My focus is on other authors and their works. Even better, I’m doing my best to discover new DF authors for you. Check out my blog for Dark Fantasy!

Also, if you’d like to read my books for free and review them, contact me via email! I’ll send you free ebooks. (convolutednovels@gmail.com)

Don’t forget, I am a gamer, and I like talking about games, so I’ll be referring to games a lot. Here is a list of games I love:

  • Heroes of the Storm — 9/10 My most played game.
  • Diablo 3 — 8/10 Good for having fun with friends.
  • Guild Wars 2 — 9/10 Overall an epic experience.
  • Dark Souls 1-2 — 10/10 I KEEP DYING! AAARGH!
  • Nioh — 9/10 More dying…
  • Nier: Automata — 11/10 MASTERPIECE!
  • Witcher 3 — 10/10 Bloody, but beautiful!
  • Doom 2016 — 10/10 Brutal massacre…!

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