Dark Fantasy with strong female lead is my forte! Oh, and I’m a gamer. How about you?

With the only exceptions being web novels, my works have strong female leads in a medieval setting, like Transient Life, Apocalyptic Life, and the third book in the series I’m still planning out, not writing. So far I’ve had only one project: Era Series, which includes all of my novels. I personally recommend reading Cursed if you’re curious about the events that happen between Transient and Apocalyptic; otherwise, it may or may not be worth it, depends on your preferences for books. I’ve made it free for a good reason.

Mecha web novel is the first sci-fi project I’m publishing (free). It has low fantasy elements, and it’s definitely dark, although the first chapters lack heavy impact. If you like Pacific Rim, Armored Core, Transformers, and Edge of Tomorrow, then it’s your ideal sci-fi novel.

Book one (Transient Life) is something I like to call ‘Spirited Away meets Yoko Taro’ with my personal tweaking to season it. Overall, the Era Series is very dark, although the first book may not make it appear so. Book two (Apocalyptic Life), though a sequel, it’s slightly different. It has stronger dark fantasy elements than the first book, and honestly, that’s where the real DF begins. Like the title suggests, the story is revolving around destruction. I’ve been calling it ‘Princess Mononoke meets Yoko Taro’.

This website is also for Dark Fantasy talk, so I’ll be featuring all kinds of DF here. My focus is on other authors and their works. Even better, I’m doing my best to discover new DF authors for you. Check out my blog for Dark Fantasy!

Don’t forget, I am a gamer, and I like talking about games, so I’ll be referring to games a lot. Here is a list of games I love:

  • Heroes of the Storm — 9/10 My most played game.
  • Diablo 3 — 8/10 Good for having fun with friends.
  • Guild Wars 2 — 9/10 Overall an epic experience.
  • Dark Souls 1-2 — 10/10 I KEEP DYING! AAARGH!
  • Nioh — 9/10 More dying…
  • Nier: Automata — 11/10 MASTERPIECE!
  • Witcher 3 — 10/10 Bloody, but beautiful!
  • Doom 2016 — 10/10 Brutal massacre…!

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