Transient Life — YA Dark Fantasy

This Post Has Been Updated

My first novel, Transient Life is going to be released on Amazon. It’s a YA dark fantasy with a vast paranormal mystery that will leave anyone with a question marker above their heads. It’s a light read in terms of pacing and storytelling.

So what’s the plot about?

After dying in an accident, twelve year old girl Emily finds herself in a fantasy world. Clueless about the situation, she sets out to wander in the dark forest alone. A while later, Emily is chased by wolves, and eventually saved by a woman dressed in robes, carrying a Japanese sword on her waist. She is a bounty hunter named Susu, feared as the deadliest of her kind.

Emily needs to stick to her, lest she may die (again). But even so, Emily and Susu run into trouble one after another. Outlaws and incorporeal predators are trying to kill them, and powerful beings unique to this parallel world awaken. Suddenly, the whole world is on the brink of destruction.

In time, both Emily and Susu learn more about each other, and neither of them are what they appear to be. Emily begins to doubt herself. External memories come to her mind, and most of them make no sense. And finally, when things start going awry, Emily’s true identity is revealed.


That’s the description on Amazon. Now you might ponder something like “What can I expect from such a book?” Here is a list.

  • Epic young adult fantasy.
  • Slightly dark and violent.
  • A paranormal mystery that’s not the main point of the first novel, but it’s still vast and won’t be solved until the last novel.
  • Fast-paced action, starred by a crazy coldhearted killer.
  • Fast-paced plot, you won’t have to force yourself to read boring details all the way through the book to understand it. (About 300 pages overall)
  • Parallel world journey in the afterlife.

If you want to review this once my work has been released, you can do it on Amazon / Goodreads. I’m also accepting beta readers, so if you’d like to become my exclusive reader (free books), email me at! I’m thinking of having around 15 readers. I’ll leave a notification on my home page if the slots are filled.

Thank you for reading and taking an interest in my work!

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