I’m a Dark Fantasy Author, Patrik Mielonen

Hello there! I’m Patrik, (call me Mielonen if you can pronounce it!) I’m a young Finnish author and a gamer. These are my goals:

  1. Become an author (Mission accomplished!)
  2. Become a translator (Working on it!)
  3. Develop an action RPG game (Working on it!)

My favorite book genre is dark fantasy. Why? Because it’s a flexible genre that seldom revolves around cliches every god damn high fantasy romance book is about. No offense, by the way. I just don’t like to read the same story twice. I actually fell in love with the dark fantasy genre when I read Dungeon Defense series. I know, I know, it’s Korean, and it doesn’t look too appealing on the surface, but seriously, the story is just plain crazy and dark! Also, I’ve set my eyes on The Sacred Throne and The Nevernight Chronicle series (both are English bestseller dark fantasies).

“What made you into an author?”

Good question, but the answer is pretty much the same as it’s for every author. I just like bringing my own imagination to life. As to why I like it, it’s because I love to entertain someone with something I’ve made up. It’s odd but certainly true. I once tried telling a bedtime story to children to test if I had the talent, which betrayed my expectations—in a good way. In the morning I was begged to continue the story.

You can read more about my first YA Dark Fantasy novel here.

I started with sci-fi, but after three chapters I just gave up. It’s not because the plot wasn’t to my personal liking, or because that kind of a story wouldn’t sell, but it was because I couldn’t write back then. No matter what I tried, I just couldn’t make the narrative feel entertaining. The plot was actually good (if I may say so myself) and I might be returning to it later in the future once I’m ready for it, but for now, it remains in my ‘Canceled Projects’ folder. As for the title, it was Conquered Earth.

So, I hope this small introduction was enough for you to get some image of me. Also, the picture below was taken when I was conscripted. (Fall of 2017, Jaeger Mielonen)

Jaeger Mielonen


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