A Free Sample From Sis

Hi there, it’s Mielonen! I’ve got something for you.

Okay, so my sister reads fan-fiction, a lot, and she wants to write one herself, so I decided to help her out a little by reading her work and suggesting improvements here and there. What I actually did, was basically editing her prologue so that the context didn’t change, but the choice of words did here and there. She liked the new changes to her prologue, but she’s working on finding her own style now. I can’t write the whole story for her, now can I?

Once she’s getting something done with the fan-fiction, I’ll post about it, like giving a link to her fan-fiction or something. But for now, she’s practicing with the actual writing, like how she should choose her words and so on. I have no idea what’s the original work she’s making a fan-fiction of, so you’ll have to wait until further progress is happening.

So, as for the promised free content, it’s my version of the prologue sister wrote. The original one was very much alike, just the wording was different, so you can think of this one as her work.

Finally, here’s the prologue from my sister’s work.

NellySteff – Prologue

P.S. You can find NellySteff from DeviantArt!


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