Savior of All the Forgotten Authors

Need help with publishing your book? Check this out!


Ever since I started writing with publishing in my mind, I’ve been studying Derek Murphy’s guides at Whether you need free advice or you got money to spend, he can provide you with advice that can make your book sales skyrocket. As to why I dare say he is one of the best out there, it’s because he’s been testing things out himself, like, what works and what doesn’t. While his methods are clearly something one wouldn’t expect from book marketing, they are effective.

I’ve been testing his ideas, but I can’t really state out my personal opinions yet as I’m still trying things out myself and studying his guides. Also, my novel isn’t released yet, it’s only available for pre-order right now, so I have no idea if his advice is working (yet). But I believe in his lessons. He’s published books successfully, and independently at that.

Also, if you’re an author as well, you should join the Facebook group AAYAA (An Alliance of Young Adult Authors) which was founded by Derek Murphy. You can find hundreds of other YA authors there, some who are willing to help you out and some who might need your help. It’s a community for YA authors to help each other out, so don’t join it with book promotions in your mind.

Also, there’s the Guerilla Publishing Course. Check it out at

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