More Short Stories Coming This Month

Hi there, it’s Mielonen. I started posting short stories on my site recently, and like I’d stated in my Short Stories page, I will be posting short stories once a month, but for now, I’ll be posting them in a rapid succession for a while until I slow down to work on my other projects, like The Second Era – Followed Life novel.


So, as to what you can expect to see, you’ll have more of “Face-Eater” short story, maybe three parts overall, and a continuation of the “Long Lost Home Planet“, all of this within a month (plus I think I’ll start a new short story this month as well, let’s see). I’m not going to continue “Elementalist And a Scary Little Girl” this month. Fun fact, that short story is actually the first chapter of my third-to-be novel. I wanted to post it as a short story since it’s an “early stage” chapter. In fact, all the short stories will be written into novels if they receive good criticism, so if you find something bad or good, tell me about it. I’m listening to your opinions, and that way, I’ll either continue something or leave it be as a short story.

Also, while the following cannot be called a short story, it’s still free short-read story for you. It will be a free chapter(s) of The Second Era – Followed Life. I will post them once I have enough content done. (At the moment there are about 50 custom sized pages.)

So, which one interests you the most? What’d you like to see more? Share your opinions here, I’ll try to work for your preferences.

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