A Post-Apocalyptic YA Web Novel with a Paranormal Setting


Yes, I’m going to write free web novels from now on. If you’ve read my short stories, then you might know what kind of content it’s going to be. Although the following may sound absurd, I’m going to do it anyway, because it won’t ruin the reading experience.

I’m going to publish The Second Era – Followed Life as a free web novel.

It will be a paranormal story of a young man struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic setting while being stalked by a dark aberration.

There are two reasons for this plan. Firstly, it’s going to be a short novel anyway, so I might as well publish it as a free web novel. Secondly, whether you read it before or after The First Era – Transient Life, it won’t matter since the story is convoluted. Neither novel will spoil the other. Though I recommend that you won’t touch the third novel once it’s out before reading at least the first novel.


I’ll be publishing chapters in a rapid succession for a few days until I slow down to one chapter every other Friday.


Here is my overall plan for novels and web novels: The First Era – Transient Life will remain as it is, as an Ebook (and I’ll publish printed version later), The Second Era – Followed Life will be a web novel due to its short length, and it fits well into web novel idea anyway. The Third Era – Convoluted Life will be a regular Ebook / printed novel, whereas the fourth novel I’m planning on finishing by the end of 2019 will be my second web novel. As for the web novel chapters, I’ll do my best to release one chapter every two weeks, while still being able to publish one short story (or a continuation) every month.

Note: I might start publishing chapters for both web novels this year, but I’m planning on finishing The Second Era – Followed Life this year, and then move on to the next web novel.

Note: The short stories might get adopted into web novels, depends on the criticism, so don’t be too surprised if you find ‘Face-Eater’ from the web novel list later in the future. Also, I’ll use the ‘Long Lost Home Planet’ as the first chapter of the second web novel once I start working on it seriously.


You can find my web novel projects from my site.

2 thoughts on “A Post-Apocalyptic YA Web Novel with a Paranormal Setting

  1. I will certainly take a read on your writing. I look forward to you writing about how this plan turns out. I am a new web novel writer and I appreciate those writers who tend to share their experiences.


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