They Say We Can’t Do It

It’s funny, I’ve heard almost every Finnish acquaintance of mine say that Finnish authors can’t succeed in the global book market. They say so because not a single Finnish author has thus far, but then again, have those Finnish authors (who sell books in English) done the marketing in a modern way? I might be wrong here, but I think none of the Finnish authors have tried out Derek Murhpy’s guides. Of course, I’m not saying that Finnish authors don’t succeed, it’s the opposite, actually, but when they try to bring their books to the global market, other than The Egyptian by Mika Waltari, there haven’t been many successful English books written by Finnish authors.

I’m here to break that fact.


P.S. I have free YA content on my website, such as web novel(s), some short stories, and free chapters of my first novel.
P.S.S. As a side note, I don’t read much of Finnish literature, I just hear my friends and family talk about Finnish authors all day long, so if there’s a Finnish author who’s been successful at the global book market, do tell me about him/her.

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