Teaser for the Next Short Story And More!

Locked Away in a Paranormal Catacomb

I gave them a chance to live,

yet they discarded it.

I gave them a second chance,

they discarded it as well.

In this dark labyrinth of

bloodthirsty monsters,

I’m treated like a weak idiot,

but beware, I have a goal,

…and that is to destroy them all.

This will be my last short story in a while, as I need to write my web novel now. I have 11 chapters live at the moment. Also, I need to study for an exam, so the next short story after this one will be arriving after a couple of weeks.

Here are links to my other short stories:


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P.S. Click this to read my first novel for free. If you want to review The First Era, email me at convolutednovels@gmail.com and I’ll get you your copy of the book (Free).

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