There Are Always Hundreds of Free Dark Fantasy Books Available!

Do you like Dark Fantasy? It’s a genre authors try to avoid, because the demand is low in comparison to YA subgenres, so you might feel like there aren’t too many options out there, if you’re a bibliophile. Do not give up! If you really love Dark Fantasy, and you thirst for more, there is a solution, but for that, you have to take a leap you fear. (I’m not talking about horror Dark Fantasy. This is an article about action DF.)

Are you ready to change for the sake of more Dark Fantasy?



If not, then I suggest that you go back to YA fantasy that authors love, as it’s an easy business genre, full of cliches that are intentionally written. If you don’t know what I’m saying, read my article about Dark Fantasy, I’m explaining why other genres have cliches, and why Dark Fantasy tends to deliver more surprises than others.

If yes, then prepare yourself, you may have to kill your own pride to read some of the secret Dark Fantasy you don’t know about, DF that’s 100% free to read. No, I’m not talking about my own content, I’m talking about other authors’ works. And yes, there are hundreds of them out there, you just don’t know it yet.

Brace yourself!

Okay, if you really demand more Dark Fantasy, then I have some links to share, but before you click any of them below, read this and the next paragraph. If you just headbutt your way in there, you might find yourself with a face like this:


So, if you want to avoid looking like that, try to understand what I’m saying in this paragraph. The following content I’m sharing links to is Asian literature translated into English, free to read. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and the list goes on. And in case you’re wondering, DF is in high demand in Asia, especially in China. So in other words, if you want to read more DF without having to wait months to find a new release that satisfies your thirst, there’s the option of reading Asian DF. I highly recommend starting with Chinese, unless you’re willing to read books with illustrations here and there, about seven per 250 pages. I’ll make a list of Asian DF at some point, so if you don’t feel like searching for it on your own from the following links, then wait a bit, will ya? I’m doing it for you, fellow DF fan. (If you don’t mind the illustrations, I recommend reading Korean instead of Chinese. My favorite is Dungeon Defense by Yoo Heonhwa.)

Novel Updates: Series Finder

I personally recommend Novel Updates the most if you want Korean/Japanese, but Chinese content can be found, too. (Use fantasy + any tag that refers to a dark theme, such as psychological, ruthless characters, sadists, violence, etc, that should give you a start.)


This is the best site for Chinese content, but it’s not limited to Chinese only. (Use fantasy + psychological tags, that should give you a start. But basically, most of the Chinese fantasy novels can be categorized as dark. In fact, I think their sense of mere fantasy is dark fantasy, and dark fantasy is like, super dark grimdark fantasy.)

Webnovel doesn’t really have DF as an option for searching, and I haven’t used that site (yet), but I did a quick research and found DF from the Fantasy category. One example novel is The Child of Chaos.

Backing away, are you?

Whether this article was useful or not, leave a comment about your opinions. I know some of you might be seething now, but no can do. I’ve delivered the promised content, which is a guide to free DF, and hundreds of them, like it or not. But honestly, even if the covers look anything but DF (especially for Korean and Japanese), they are books, not comics. What makes them different, however, is the style. Usually, Asian DF tries to appeal to teens, so the text can be light, but it can be complex, too. Dungeon Defense is clearly trying to appeal to 15-25-year-old males. The Girl Who Ate Death, on the other hand, is more like an adult story, although the protagonist is a little girl (who’s eaten the death god and butchers humans like crazy).

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