My main genre is dark fantasy, but free web novels and short stories deviate from that genre. Scroll down to see what books and web novels I’ve written/am writing.

Transient Life: Book One of the Era Series

Medieval Dark Fantasy, Afterlife, Dramatic

Book Progress: Complete, Editorial Work In Progress

After dying in an accident, twelve year old girl Emily finds herself in a fantasy world. Clueless about the situation, she sets out to wander in the dark forest alone. A while later, Emily is chased by wolves, and eventually saved by a woman dressed in robes, carrying a Japanese sword on her waist. She is a bounty hunter named Susu, feared as the deadliest of her kind.

Emily needs to stick to her, lest she may die (again). But even so, Emily and Susu run into trouble one after another. Outlaws and incorporeal predators are trying to kill them, and powerful beings unique to this parallel world awaken. Suddenly, the whole world is on the brink of destruction.

In time, both Emily and Susu learn more about each other, and neither of them are what they appear to be. Emily begins to doubt herself. External memories come to her mind, and most of them make no sense. And finally, when things start going awry, Emily’s true identity is revealed.


Cursed: Spin-off

Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy Web Novel

Book Progress: 70% (Estimated)

A spin-off of Era Series, the second Era. There is a boy who wanders around all alone in a world where all human life has disappeared, seeking for something he believes in. Just staying alive is difficult on its own as there is no one to help him out, but it doesn’t end there. He is being sought by dark aberration that has only one purpose: to consume the boy. In such a world the boy tries to cling to life, being haunted by the echoes of disappeared people, followed by an aberration, and tormented by his past decision.


This is a web novel available on my site for free! (Cover design is still under editorial work.) This is a spin-off story linked to the other books in my series.

Apocalyptic Life: Book Two of the Era Series

Medieval Dark Fantasy, Sci-fi

Book Progress: Complete, Editorial Work In Progress

“I never thought I’d bring an apocalypse to save the world.”

A young woman named Louir hears from an abnormal girl that she might be exiled soon. After a long talk with the girl, she makes up her mind to fight her brethren in order to survive. However, as soon as she gets to the capital where her target is, a powerful, sinister woman slaughters dozens in a tavern, and Louir is accused as the killer.

Imprisoned, she waits for her execution, until a certain person known as a Shadow appears before her. With his aid, Louir manages to escape from the prison, although they do it very violently. They flee to the wilderness to hide, where they both hear from each other things they never wanted to hear.

With a powerful spell caster annihilating humans, an ancient destroyer of the world heading their way, and the Serpent Emperor manifesting in two priests, Louir and the Shadow work together to bring the apocalypse to save the world from obliteration.

Apocalyptic Life2


Dark, Futuristic, Low Fantasy, Mecha Sci-fi Web Novel

Book Progress: 2% (Estimated)

In a futuristic world, humanity has settled on an alien planet, and they’ve been able to build a new civilization over the centuries—while warring against the gruesome creatures that inhabit it. Then one day, a young gamer and war veteran, Kevyn, is forcefully conscripted (again) because of his secret ability. Thus, Kevyn’s inhumane training with the mecha units begins. However, once the mystery behind his ability is starting to unravel, people call him the super soldier, but the government sees him as a threat once they learn the truth behind his evolution. Not just that, the endemic aliens, known as Rueinians, spawn a very peculiar entity that grows fond of Kevyn immediately upon contact…


Languished Life: Book Three of the Era Series

Medieval Dark Fantasy, Purgatory, Army

Book Progress: % (Estimated)

Forcefully conscripted girl, Tenil, fights for her life in a war-torn world, climbing the ladder in the kingdom’s army ranks. She starts off as a weakling, afraid of the battlefield, but what she eventually becomes with the aid of the black dragon is something even he did not predict. And when she meets Alexiana, the girl who is also acquainted with a dragon, the pieces start coming together with the revelation of his true identity. Also, an old entity, far older than the world itself, begins to haunt Tenil as she seeks to correct the world that tries to deny her existence.


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