Web Novels

Cursed: Spin-off

Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy

In a world where all human life has disappeared, a lonely boy is surrounded by dark aberrations. His mind is muddled with determination to the point he can be called insane. He seeks to find a girl he believes to exist in the dead world, and when he does, madness follows.



Dark, Futuristic, Low Fantasy, Mecha Sci-fi

In a futuristic world, humanity has settled on an alien planet, and they’ve been able to build a new civilization over the centurieswhile warring against the gruesome creatures that more than love to tear apart any human they come across with.

Then one day, a young gamer named Kevyn is forcefully conscripted (again), and he’s assigned to an elite squad known as DTA corps. He survived the battlefield once, and he was lucky to do so with mere scars. He protests, but since the government has decided to use Kevyn as a weapon to wipe out the enemy, he can only comply.

Thus Kevyn’s inhumane training with the mecha suits begins, surrounded by crazy people who are assigned as his teammates.


If I ever add more web novel projects, I’ll post about it.

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