Cursed Ch 14

The Girl, Part Five

I did my best to tell him that it’s dangerous, and what? We almost died out there! Sheesh, well, at least he can agree with me now, can’t he? Let’s stay in this castle, okay? If we find a safe way to escape, I’m fine with that, but if there’s a risk involved, let’s not.

As soon as we get inside, we close the gate behind us.

Never again,” I blurt.

Okay.” He’s finally pronouncing it properly, though I do miss the cute variant already.

Let’s go to the library.”

Libhrare? What is?”

Place, books.” Let’s see if he can interpret it correctly.

Ah!” He exclaims. “Why there?”

You’ll see.”

Leaving the chatter at that, I lead the way through the vast hall. The symbol is still glowing, but I’m not gonna fiddle with it. However, there’s something else I stop for.

No way…”


Following my gaze, he sees the same thing as I do. My hairs stand on the edge.

It broke door?” He thinks aloud.

Seems so, yeah.”

The thing we’d sealed into the cellar has broken through all the stuff we’d piled up. We can’t see or hear it, but it has to be somewhere in this castle, roaming. J-just where should we go? I don’t think we can climb up to a tree like I did with the living dead. That thing is strong and smart enough to get us from such a place.

It could be anywhere. I don’t think we can sleep tonight, we’ll have to keep moving constantly to make sure that it won’t find us. Or alternatively, we could hole up somewhere. No, that’s too risky.

If I’m not mistaken, that thing is slow, or at least it was back in the cellar. So, rhetorically saying, we can outrun it. There is plenty of room to do so.

Though there’s no telling if that thing has changed, like, maybe it can move faster now? I dunno, let’s just hope it won’t find us. It should disappear in about thirty hours. Uh, now that I think about it, that’s more than a full day. Oh no…

A loud crashing noise resounds from above.

What was that?” I blurt out of horror.

It’s like someone or some thing toppled an armor stand, one floor above us.

Let’s go,” he says.

Agreed, let’s not stay here. I wouldn’t be surprised if it saw us already. We hurry to the garden as fast as we can, stealth as priority. We could use the foliage to hide, right? I mean, it’s more of a forest than a garden.

To Library,” suddenly blurting that, he seems to be asking me where it is through body language.

Why? Let’s hide,” I suggest.

No. Library, see.” He probably wants to say he ‘wants to’.

Fine. Follow me.”

The library is almost next to us. I wanted to go there anyway, like, we could find a dictionary. If we do, our lives will be that much easier.

In no time, we enter the library, a vast one. It’s as if the whole castle was built for giants, if you excluded all the doorways. The bookshelves are, like, several yards tall. Of course, there are ladders.

Now, where do we begin?” I wonder.


A short while later, I finally find a book that’s related to languages, and in fact, it’s in my language, but it’s useless to us. I skim through hundreds of books as fast as I can, knowing that there’s a monster out there looking for us.

Then, my eyes spot an interesting book. Again in my language, this one is a dictionary, but I’m not sure if it’s for his language, too. I show it to him.

…He doesn’t seem to understand a word. Maybe I need to look for another dictionary. Wait, he can read, right? Let’s hope so.

I dig through the books in the section from where I found that one. I won’t have to search for long ’til I find a new one. Please, let this one be right. I don’t want to stay in here for any longer. By the way, what’s he been looking for? He’s also digging for something.

Once I show him the dictionary, he exclaims in awe.


I heard it.

I definitely heard my deceased little brother.


It can’t be.

Each and every hair on my body stands on the edge.

T-t-that t-th-thing…” I stutter in terror.

No…” He heard it too?

I can hear my brother crying. Why!? Leave my brother’s soul be! He’s already suffered too much!

Hide,” he whispers.

But where? I look around, eyeing for anything. That thing hasn’t entered the library yet, so we have a high chance of escaping it. I take the dictionary from him as I don’t trust him right now. He might toss it away in the midst of fleeing. Anyway, wasn’t it me who held onto that wine bottle?

He tries hiding behind the shelves from where we can see the door. Quietly, we stay still, waiting for the monster to enter. Once we see the chance, we’ll flee through that door. However, it’s been silent for a while now. I can’t hear my deceased brother. Maybe it passed by?

Huh?” I feel like something was tugging my shirt from behind as if lifting me, but very slowly. I take a look behind…

Eeeeek!” I scream as I see the tall ghastly woman behind me, towering us. Its yard-long tongue is latched onto my shirt, which I in panic strip off.

Sis, help…” The voice is coming from its belly.

As soon as I’ve stripped the shirt—which I manage to do in a second—I grab his arm, pulling him with me as I dash out of the library.

W-what?” He exclaims in horror. Maybe he looked behind, too?

Run!” I tell him.

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