Cursed Ch 11

The Girl, Part Four


He asks me that but I have no idea what he actually means by it. Once he points at his bag, I come to a conclusion. He wants to gulp down the wine, doesn’t he? How greedy, if only we could understand each other a little bit more I’d seriously scold him. Maybe I should teach him the word for ‘drinking’. Back in the garden he literally gulped down the juice I gave him down there, so I taught him the word for ‘gulping’ then. Ah! Maybe he thought it means drinking in the first place! “Let’s drink wine, yes.”

I walk over to his bag, digging for the wine bottle. Once I have it in my hand, I say “Wine.”

Then I pantomime drinking. “To drink.”

To finish my play, I pantomime gulping. “To gulp.”

He seems to get it since he’s exclaiming. Good. “To trink.” He almost pronounces it fluently.

Anyway, after all, that goofing around, we start drinking the wine. Or should I say, I start drinking, he just takes a sip or two. Seriously, I don’t like drinking, so just you know, you either drink with me now, or you have to wait quite a long time until the next time.

Honestly, I think my mind’s gettin’ funny suddenly. I mean, I’m seeing tears on his face. Strange.

Itarchk, tok itrachk.”

Whaaaaaat?” Seriously, don’t talk if your tongue is tied.

By the way, his shoulder feels comfy to lean on. Now that I look at his face this close, I can confirm that he’s weeping. Sheesh, get a hold of yourself!

I wipe the tear from his cheek with my finger, which I—as strange as it sounds—start sucking on. Seriously, what am I doing? Anyway, I smile at him.

It’s okay now. I’m here.”

Ookay.” Aww, his accent makes ‘okay’ sound so adorable!

However, the fun ends when he collapses, probably due to alcohol. Weak.

I lay him down on my lap, stroking his hair for no apparent reason. I’m just goofing around, drinking rest of the wine. Once I run out of wine, the alcohol claims its toll.

The last thing I remember is him resting comfortably on my abdomen.



Ugh, as soon as I wake up I feel like throwing up. I had fun though, so can’t complain. Wait…

Did I lick his tears off his face?

No, I wiped them off with my finger, and then I—no, it may be better for my mental health to not to recall it. Wait, does he remember it? Oh no…

By the way, I recall him resting on my abdomen, was it just a dream, or? Well, seeing that he’s already up, I guess I can’t tell. Also, I have my pants on, so yeah, I guess it was just a nice evening.

Oh, right, I heard him utter something. “What?” Wait, does he know the word? Now that I think about it, I think it was his stomach that spoke.

Food.” He says.

Bottomless pit, uh-huh.

After making a mental note about that, I reply, “Food? Tch, wait a bit!”

After a small puke festival, we head down to the first floor.


As we walk through the vast hall, we stop midway to wonder why the floor’s glowing. I knew that there’s a symbol here, but I didn’t know that it can emit light, just imagining the possible horrors this may bring, yikes.

Grumble. The bottomless pit roars.

Sheesh, get a hold of yourself! Do I have to feed you all day long? I’m not a master cook, you see, so I’d like it if you didn’t provoke me into cooking.


We decided to ignore the weird symbol and went for the garden. I’m sitting on the grass, watching the cliffs that serve as a cage around us, locking us away from the rest of the world.

It’s sad, but true.

No matter what we do, we’ll never be able to leave this place, unless a miracle happens. Truth to be told, I believe in such a miracle, but I have yet to witness it happen. I’m a foolish girl, am I not?

Watching what?” He joins me on the grass, asking with the broken accent.

Nothing.” I take a bite of an apple I picked on my way here.

My company, however, has a basket with him, filled with apples, oranges, bananas, and whatnot. He also has a water flask with him, he filled it at the pool.

As I watch the outside world, I can see them wandering on the lea around the Castle Zero. I bet they’re hungry, knowing that there are no humans left other than the two of us, I think. Now that I think about, maybe there are more? Who knows if one day there will be a third person in this accursed castle?

Let’s go,” he says.

To where?” I ask.


Now that makes no sense. I guess his lack of vocabulary made him choose that word. Anyway, he picks the basket and drags me with him. I wonder where he’s leading us.

He takes us to the vast hall, heading towards the front gate. Just what is he thinking? He can’t be thinking of escaping, can he?

Sis, don’t leave me…!” My deceased little brother cries behind the door we locked for good as we hurry past it. Creepy. To think that the thing behind that door is as resolute as that. I’ve witnessed similar occasions, the monsters created by Zero have a lifespan as short as two or three days, then they disappear like they never existed.

Once I had to deal with a corpse that had no legs. I mean, a living dead. Though I was scared to no end, I dare say it was easy to deal with it. It couldn’t climb anywhere without stairs, so I just climbed up to an apple tree in the garden, spent two days there, and here I am, still alive.

Then the most horrifying monster I encountered…

Let’s not think about that. What I should think about is him. I might have to stop him if he wants to give it a try and escape. We can’t escape, it’s as simple as that.

He does lead us to the gate. We closed it yesterday, and because of it, he’s now wondering how to open the gate. So he still doesn’t get? The gate weights as much as I do, though strange it may sound.

Let’s not go.”

Let’s go.” He argues back.

Just what drives him to do that?

He tries opening the gate on his own, and as he does, I tug his sleeve to tell him that I’m worried, shaking my head in denial.

He stops, looking at me with a puzzled face. I think he doesn’t know that they don’t mind the rules here, they’ll consume us before we even know it. Suddenly, this puzzled expression changes to pained, like something was hurting him.


What did I do?

Wait, it wasn’t me, but some black… thing, coursing through his right arm veins. J-just what’s going on? Is he dying? Don’t tell me, did Zero do this?

What’s going on?” I ask, hoping that he might understand me.

Khyurch.” Now that makes no sense to me, but I guess that’s what’s going on. “Bad.” Okay, so it’s something bad. Are you dying?

You, okay?” I ask as simply as I can.

Not okay.”

My heart is pounding with fear, I can’t lose him, I just can’t. I’ll look for a way to cure him! I’ll show him the library today, he’ll have to use a dictionary to explain what’s going on. I’m not sure if there’s one for his language, but I better bet on that one.

What horrifies me the most is that he still insists on going.

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