Cursed Ch 13

He, Part Four

The mimesis has been successful this time. This is the chaos of mind’s realm, the art of madness. Something that exists can be as convoluted as these four I‘ve been guiding, like an alliteration of a poem, all four of them are resembling each other, yet they differ from one another.

As soon as this part of the corpus is over, the ones bending the implied author will suffer for what they’ve started.

For now, I shall endure this change of narrative.

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One thought on “Cursed Ch 13

  1. Though a short one, this chapter is rather complex, if I may say so myself. In case you need aid with interpreting, here are some notes:
    —Mimesis refers to representation of the world and human life in literary texts.
    —Alliteration is a type of sound pattern that repeats itself with nearby words. For example, in poems you might hear alliteration.
    —Corpus is a collection of writings.
    —Implied author doesn’t mean the real author of the text, but the ‘nature of the narrative’, if that makes any sense. Basically, it’s the impression the story is giving.

    If any of you finds this useful, well, you’re welcome.

    (Only the chapters with the “he” character as the narrator will include complex text as this one.)


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