Cursed Ch 3

He, Part Two

Thou hast a wish?

He was an unusual child. He often spoke like an old man, even when he’d yet to see even his tenth birthday. He held his hands behind his back like some wise elder whenever he had his hands free, yet even with such character, he always loved to play games as childish as they can get.

One day, he said aloud, “Are we the reality for the shadow, or are we, the shadow for the reality?” No one understood him. And he wasn’t really asking anyone, he just spouted something he felt puzzling.

However, when others questioned him, he replied, “When you are in a dream, are you you, or are you a separate existence? When you are in a dream, everything feels real, like this very moment. So, are we just a shadow?”

No one argued with him further. This world’s latest discovery regarding technology was gunpowder, so with the technology at the people’s disposal, they have yet to unravel the greatest secrets of the world, thus his argument got through, but it didn’t convince anyone thoroughly.

Because of this he seldom got to play. He had only two friends and one who was more of a neutral acquaintance he didn’t speak or play with unless either of his actual friends was present, thus he often found himself lonely. He didn’t particularly hate that, but nor did he like it.

What he usually did when he was alone was fishing or house chores. He did both without complaint. His father was a fisherman and his mother, well, just a housewife. His father brought enough food to the dinner table so that his mother didn’t have to work.

His father always told him that he should look for a wife like his mother, one who can do the house chores without complaint and cook delicious food.

As his father told him to get a wife, the boy asked, “So, what’s the purpose of life other than enjoying it and leaving offsprings behind, who’ll eventually fade away like you and me? Father, we are transient, but our kind is eternal, until the end of the world is upon us. Just finding a wife sounds lacking for something transient.”

His father answered, “If you see it like that, then you’re greedy. If you gain happiness, even a tiny bit, then your transient life was not in vain. But you’ll never attain the happiness you seek, should you think like that. However, if you truly wish to be greedy, then make a difference, don’t be one of us who are transient.”

His way of thinking was changed with that, though only a little. He accepted the fate of a transient one, thus he began to search for anything that could fulfill his life. Influenced by his father’s words, he began to dream of a girl who could fulfill his life that is transient.

He never tried to imagine her looks, just her manners, mindset, and feelings. Would a strong-minded girl fit him? He never thought so. Then an intelligent? No, someone like her wouldn’t need him. He always thought that a fragile girl who’d need him to be by her side would suit him the best.

So, one day, he said; “I wish to live peacefully with a girl I would love for as long as I live.”

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