Cursed Ch 6

He, Part Three

Twice it has happened now, a distortion in an Era. As the boy looked for a path down to the valley from whence no one can get out of, the duo appeared again like in the previous Era, causing such pain that no ‘living’ entity could ever imagine. The pain alone would kill a human, death by shock. Then again, all this information is something no one will get, most likely.

The duo stood there, watching the boy for a while. They were chatting, and due to the pain they caused in this Era, it‘ll remain a mystery as to what was their subject. Getting into their thoughts and very existence is impossible, for they don’t ‘exist’, but yet they visit and even damage the Eras.

When the other one, the girl intruder, grew tired of it, she went and asked the boy who ‘exists’ in this Era if he needs help. Then she pushed the boy down to the valley. Maybe she knew that the valley is the very home of all the curses of this world, and thus she also knew that a curse would force the boy to survive the fall. After all, dying would have been a fate much more… acceptable.

And once the boy was down there, she whispered in the boy’s ear words that were recognizable, “Welcome to madness,” she said. In a way, that’s a correct statement, but it could be that she didn’t mean the boy’s state of affairs, but some other thing.

It’s like there was a second party, a second ‘dimension’ playing just ‘next to’ this dimension. And some unknown party has caused a distortion, making a wormhole through which one can travel to the other dimension. Of course, that is only a speculation to explain what this distortion could be about.

But be the case whatever, this needs to be solved, lest something goes awry and damage is caused to something that cannot be repaired. However, this statement about welcoming to madness, it’s clear that the boy is in the middle of a roller coaster which will take him to an adventure he’d never expected to experience, but if, just if the madness the intruder was referring to doesn’t mean the madness of that castle, then what could it be? Or was it a message meant to me?

Time will tell, hopefully. It might be something I need to look into. Nonetheless, this distortion is the second, and seemingly won’t be the last.

Now, intruders, once this Era comes to an End, the game of hide and seek shall begin!

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